5 Things To Know This AM — Jun 27 2012

Sick of sticking to the menu? Here is a handy list of S.F.’s top restos and the secret items to order. (Eater SF)
Itching for a closer look at new Tex-Mex bar Rio Grande? Take a little tour of the interior (yes, that is a stripper pole). (7x7)
Instagram's new “explore" section will soon include crowd-sourced snaps. Kind of like Facebook’s friends nearby feature, but you know, with pictures. (TechCrunch)
Bon Appetit weighs in on where to dine in S.F. See what spots top the roundup (hint: El Farolito, Bar Tartine, and Mission Chinese Food may be sprinkled in there). (Bon Appetit)
We know energy bars aren’t exactly tasty, but a cricket-filled one? Hmm, we think we’ll pass! (HuffPo SF)

Photo: Via Eater SF