The Truth About Slimming Spa Wraps

Body wraps are a popular spa treatment and, as Shape notes, they claim to do all sorts of miraculous things, like “shave off inches in minutes, detoxify your system, and minimize cellulite.” The treatment includes wrapping the body in seaweed, algae, or foil, which supposedly relaxes and moisturizes the body. But, are these wraps as effective as they say? Related: Your Fitness Tracker's Stats — Explained Shape spoke with Dendy Engelman, MD, an NYC dermatologist, who explains, "the effect [of body wraps], if any, is transient and all due to loss of water — you are literally dehydrating the skin." Dr. Engelman says the occasional body wrap is probably okay, but don’t do it regularly. She says, "Not only can it lead to total body dehydration, but if repeated, the fluid shifts can't be good for your skin quality." Related: How Streaking Can Help You Banish Bad Habits As usual, the best way to be healthy is to eat well, stay hydrated, and exercise. And, that's a wrap. Click through to Shape for more about body wraps. (Shape) Related: The Craziest Things Fitness Instructors Have Said

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