I Cut My Natural Hair Into A Frohawk & Bleached It Blonde

When restlessness over your current style kicks in, a simple — or drastic — chop or a change in color can make you feel like a brand-new person. The star of the latest episode of Hair Me Out, India Howard, was getting a little tired of her look and needed a reset for her naturally curly hair.
"Natural hair is a statement, it is a style, it is a being," she says. "But I need something new, fresh, and edgy." So, she embarked on a transformation to turn her Afro into a blonde frohawk at dp HUE house in Beverly Hills. "My hair inspiration is Issa Rae," says Howard. "I actually get her as a look-alike a lot, and she has great hair."
Celebrity stylist Tippi Shorter cut Howard's round-shaped Afro into a tapered style that was short along the sides, with longer pieces at the top. To enhance her color, Shorter lightened Howard's base to a chocolate brown. Then, she highlighted the top of her hair with various tones of caramel and honey blonde. The final result was a short cut that is the perfect inspiration if you're looking to switch things up for summer.
Click play to see Howard's full transformation.