I Went Blonde To Correct A DIY Hair-Color Mistake

For some people, hair is just hair, and it can be fun to try out a bold dye job or a dramatic haircut. But for others, experimenting with hair is a frightening thought. The latter prefer their salon visits without scissors or bleach bowls — or better yet, they avoid the salon entirely. That's the case for Erin Davis. "Hair makes me feel a little anxious," Davis tells Refinery29. "I've only gotten my hair cut by one person, and it was a very bad experience. Letting somebody touch my hair is kind of a big deal." But after a botched at-home hair color attempt, Davis was ready for a change.
In this episode of Hair Me Out, Davis trusted Justin Anderson, hair colorist at the dpHUE House in Los Angeles, to take her hair from brown to blonde. And the dye job was just the beginning of her appointment, the makeup artist — who straightens her natural hair every so often — also received a curly cut and Olaplex treatment. The final product? Blonde ringlets that left Erin completely shocked. "Have you ever seen someone do a magic trick and it stumped you for days, weeks, years?" she says. "Justin, he's a magician."
For a full look at the dramatic makeover, watch the video above.

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