4 Black Women Share Their Earliest Salon Memories

appearance by Brittany Johnson; appearance by Candace Hokest; appearance by Laurise McMillian; appearance by Rachael Edwards; produced by Rissa Papillion; edited by Rissa Papillion.
A Black woman's relationship with her hair is a sacred, ever-evolving one that is fostered from childhood. For many of us, that relationship starts at the hair salon. In the latest episode of Go Off Sis, four Black women share stories of their first time in the beauty salon.
"I remember going to the hair salon around 10 years old," Candace Hokett says. "My mother took me because she could finally afford two heads instead of one." For these women, going to the salon was an hours long, "coming of age" ritual that also created time to bond with family. "My aunt was a hairdresser and we always went to her salon to visit her, get our hair done, and engage in salon gossip," Britney Johnson shares. Hokett also remembers her salon time as a crucial mother-daughter moment. "I would be able to sit with my mom, and we'd look at different styles together," she says. "A couple of times we even got matching hairstyles and that was pretty cool."
Click play to hear more about these memorable salon experiences and tell us about yours in the comments.

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