13 Black-Owned Brands To Support During Black Business Month

Photo: London M. Franklin
It’s August and I’m still thinking about my July trip to New Orleans for Essence Fest with SheaMoisture. Their activation, A Great Day In Harlem, encapsulated Black culture, empowerment, and entrepreneurship. The Next Black Millionaire screening, which was released by SheaMoisture and Roku last month really spoke to the efforts of SheaMoisture supporting Black businesses. The six-part docuseries showcases the story of three Black entrepreneurs: Dorian Morris of Undefined Beauty, LaToya Stirrup of Kazmaleje, and Neil Hudson of Scotch Boyz on their journey to becoming millionaires through investment and resourcing from SheaMoisture.
Watching the documentary served as a powerful reminder of the strength and resilience Black entrepreneurs have to bring their vision and products to life. Each business received $100,000, business development guidance, coaching services, and retail distribution to over 600 Target stores and online. It’s motivating to see a brand such as SheaMoisture use its platform to spotlight and rally behind upcoming brands. It’s a testament to their commitment to the conversation and action behind entrepreneurship within Black culture and building up the Black dollar.
Photo: London M. Franklin
The activation added an extra layer of depth to the experience, showcasing the power of Black-owned businesses and underscoring the significance of economic empowerment within the community. As I wandered through the marketplace filled with an array of diverse and captivating products, there was an overwhelming feeling of pride in supporting these entrepreneurs who have harnessed their creativity and ambition to establish successful ventures. From fashion to beauty products, art, and beyond, the Black-owned shops featured at the activation offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Black entrepreneurship and creativity. To celebrate Black Business Month, we wanted to put these brands on your radar to support.


Kaike is a plant-based skincare brand dedicated to leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated, fresh, and clean. The detoxifying green tea clay mask is great for oily and acne prone skin because it draws the impurities and minimizes inflammation.

Infinite Hair Growth

If you’re someone who’s always wanted to know more about the health of your scalp and how to nurture it, Infinite Hair Growth focuses on all things nourishing the scalp. Their scalp scrub is a fan favorite for unclogging your pores and reducing product buildup.

Luna Magic

If you’re a glam queen, Luna Magic beauty brand has all of your needs from highlighters to blush and more. Their fun packaging really stands out and makes you want to bring their lipsticks and gloss with you everywhere.

Beloved Box

This brand is the true definition of self-care and relaxation. Beloved Box’s product lineup includes  everything from bath items to candles that cultivate feelings of joy, faith, peace, and hope. When shopping the brand’s site, you can choose the feeling you want to experience,  whether it’s alone or with someone else. There’s a curated collection for whatever you’re looking for.

Southern Girl Desserts

If you’re in Los Angeles, your sweet tooth will thank you for indulging in delicious desserts from Southern Girl Desserts. Their treats can be found right in Baldwin Hills, however if you’re unable to go in person, you can shop their tasty peach cobbler mix from their site, and the recipe is vegan.

The Safety Pouch

The Safety Pouch is an innovative pocket holder for your important driving documents such as your license, insurance, and registration. It sits above your visor when driving, in case you are pulled over.

Just So Dope

A brand for kids by kids! Just So Dope’s first drop includes socks that have words of affirmations and a cool pattern named Niferan that signifies the young entrepreneurs names together and inspired by their designer parents.  

Ujamaa Lighting

Lighting is everything, and Ujamaa has all the right bulbs for your decor needs. Ujamaa Lighting also provides a breakdown the role different types of lighting plays in rooms, installation tips, more.

Lyrically Correct Game

A fun game for all the music lovers out there, Lyrically Correct tests your song lyric knowledge. This is karaoke on a whole new level.

Terminal B

Fragrance brand Terminal B focuses on scents through the lens of world travel. Their candles are named after the airport codes and highly recommended destinations.. They’re perfect for making your place feel like you’re on vacation.

Play Pits

Natural deodorants have been on the rise in discussion of personal hygiene, and Play Pits is putting their name in the game. The brand is free of aluminum, parabens, and fragrances that are not good for our bodies.


If you’re over sitting in nail salons but still want that quality nail design, Nailstry is a great go-to. The brand not only has cool designs, but you can have each press-on designed to your actual nail size when you get your hand scanned virtually through their site.


If you’re in need of a nude heel that pairs well with your skin tone, Kahmune has ten shades in their collection with various shoe styles for you to choose from. You can shop for stiletto heels, block heels, sandals, and the trendy comeback: ballet flats.

Honor Roll

The unisex lifestyle brand Honor Roll is about all things excellence within Black culture. The brand includes graphic tees, jackets, socks, and more. This is the perfect place to shop for back-to-school campus attire.