An Earth Day Throwdown Like No Other Tips Off Tonight!

ianshive 3x4
If trekking out into the wilderness and camping in the middle or nowhere isn’t exactly how you envision yourself celebrating Earth Day, we’ve found the perfect (totally glam!) alterative to honoring Mother Nature, going down tonight!
One of our favorite local blogs and e-tailers, Big Things, along with the California Academy of Sciences, is hosting a soiree dubbed Dirty, Earthy Nightlife, where us art-minded nature lovers can participate in a bevy of stellar showcases, including award-winning nature photography captured by Ian Shive.
More of a movie buff? You can also check out two awesome screenings of eco-centric films Edible Insects and The First 70 . Then, grab a pair of scissors and take part in Scrap’s recycled art-and-craft table, and learn all you need to know about composting in two crash courses from the folks at the U.S Compostal Service and Garden For The Environment.
And it wouldn’t be much of a party without green-themed cocktails and dancing away to tunes from Rock It Science Laboraties, right? Jot down the essential info below, and leave the bug spray at home.
When: Thursday, April 26, 6 to 10 p.m.
Where: The California Academy of Sciences, 55 Music Concourse Drive, Golden Gate Park; 415-379-8000.
Price: $12; buy tickets here!
Photo: Via Ian Shive

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