Can’t Make The Mrs. Carter Show? Well, At Least You Can Smell Like It

Congratulations: you finally have your tickets to the Mrs. Carter Show in hand, and you're heading out to see Beyoncé shake it like a single lady. But wait! Have you been properly fragranced for the occasion?
To make sure that her latest tour sounds smells like no other, Beyoncé has launched a new version of her signature Heat fragrance — because the three other Heat scents just don't capture the now-ness that is the Mrs. Carter tour. A blend of mangosteen, acai, pink pepper, and orchid, the new fragrance is available now in a 100ml size exclusively at her concerts. The scent won't be released to the general public until October, so concert-goers will get the first crack at Bey's newest beauty venture well before anyone else.
This is only the latest in a recent trend of celebrities creating concert-specific beauty wares (we recall a certain RiRi Woo, and its subsequent drama that followed) to be sold at the shows to loving fans before being released out into the world. It makes great marketing sense — the devoted fan base who would be buying the celebrity merchandise in the first place are the same ones who are going to shell out the $$$ to see their idol in person. For the rest of us, those pop-up beauty shops also make for a great distraction, giving you something to do while your friends wait in the absurdly long line for beverages.
What do you think about Beyoncé's latest venture? Are you psyched for these limited-edition beauty ventures, or do you find these special tour beauty products to be overkill?

Beyoncé Heat The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour Limited Edition Fragrance, $59.99, available at Beyoncé concerts.

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