Try This Easy, DIY Rocker-Chic ‘Do Tonight

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Michael Dueñas, founder & CEO of Hair Room Service, boasts a long list of celebrity clientele that includes Lady Gaga, Connie Britton, and Shailene Woodley. Now, the top NYC tress expert (+ R29 fave!) is serving up his haircare know-how on the regular. Trust: Dueñas is about to bring some serious strand inspo your way.
Walking into the backstage at a Betsey Johnson show for New York Fashion Week is an experience all in its own: Balloons are everywhere, candy is strewn about, and a table of mini cupcakes lie beside the hair and makeup zones.
As the lead stylist for the show, I knew I'd have to decide on a hairstyle that matched Betsey's do-cartwheels-down-the-runway energy, while keeping it simple and relatable. What better look than an undone twist on Brigitte Bardot's voluminous, tousled strands? Beyond being a household name, much like the designer herself, Brigitte Bardot nailed a look that's both classic and wildly wearable — all while having a hint of roll 'n' roll edge.
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And, because transforming hair into a high-volume, glamorous look isn't always easy, it's doubly important to pick the right products. To get the "disheveled icon" look, as we called it, my team used the new OSiS+ Session Label. Here's how it's done!
First, prep dry hair with OSiS+ Grip mousse, and comb through with a wide tooth comb. Follow by generously spraying a lightweight sea salt spray, creating a gritty, piecey texture. Lastly, add a volumizing spray, like OSiS+ Glamour queen directly to the root.
The hair should feel moist but not sopping. Using a blow dryer, begin to dry the hair while generating lift at the roots from the top of your head back. Be sure to keep your hairline in the front flat as possible.
Take large sections starting in the back, spray with OSiS+ Session Label Flexible hold hairspray, twist the hair, and wrap it around your curling iron. Twisting the hair gives the curl and irregular curl pattern, so the finished look will look beachy and undone, rather than perfect. Work all the way up to the top of the rounds of your head.
At the top of your head, wrap the hair flat on the barrel one way at the root, then the other way at the ends, to give it a cleaner look. Always wrap the hair on top of your head away from your face; this will give the hairstyle more volume.
Take small sections at your crown and sprinkle texturizing powder (we used OSiS+ Session Label Dust it flex) on your roots, and gently massage to increase volume. This will give you that iconic Bridgette Bardot bump at the crown.
Now, for your part. Starting at your hairline, separate your strands down the middle, stopping when you hit the crown of your head. Then, grab a small section of hair from each side of the part and bring it to the opposite side until your hairline. Brush the top of your head smooth.
Next, to get the undone-but-polished look, take your flat iron and straighten your ends. Finish the look by breaking up your curls with your fingers and shaking your hair out gently, leaving some of the hair clumped together. For maximum volume without a crunchy-to-the-touch effect, finish with OSiS+ Session Label firm hold hairspray.

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