21 Fantastic TV Shows About High School That You Can Stream Right Now

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
When Charles Dickens wrote in A Tale Of Two Cities that it was the "best of times" and the "worst of times," he probably didn't know he was talking about high school. For some, high school is the pits. And for some, it's the best time of one's life. But whether you look back fondly or not on your own high school experience, one thing is for sure — most of us continue to go back and watch shows about the plights of teenagers on TV.
Today, we're lucky to have so many shows with so many different teenage experiences. It's not only privileged people with Champagne problems (though they have their place, too), but instead diverse stories from diverse kids from around the world all recognizing the same thing: being an adolescent sucks. Being in high school can suck. Being in that almost-adult body with a kid-level brain can suck, too. Sure, sometimes there's a murder or a werewolf or a twin sibling you knew nothing about. But the overarching theme is that being a teen in high school can be rough.
So instead of going back and reliving it all, relive another, possibly better high school experience with the best teen shows on TV (and streaming). Trust me — it's way better than having to look through your prom photos again.

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