The Crystals You Need To Pack For Your Next Vacation

Ah, vacation — those blessed days where you're free to kick back, relax, and put your worries on pause. Of course, your beach getaway or city adventure is, more often than not, preceded by travel,during which you may fail to keep a normal sleep schedule, grapple with plane-inspired anxieties, or stress over breaking out of your routine for a week. No crystal will solve all of these pre-vacation woes, but there are a few varieties that may very well offer some comfort should you toss them in your carry-on before heading for the airport.
Heather Askinosie, crystal expert, cofounder of Energy Muse and co-author of Crystal Muse recommends amethyst, moonstone, and shungite for the worrisome traveler and the confident jet setter alike. "If you’re traveling, you’re likely going to find yourself in unfamiliar places, surrounded by unfamiliar people... That can be a stressful combination," she says. These types of stones, Askinosie says, will lend you some much-needed peace of mind.
If you're already familiar with healing crystals, you might know amethyst chiefly for its association with better sleep and vivid dreams. While this popular purple stone is well-suited for your nightstand, its soothing, all around positive properties make it a great pick for traveling, too. "By shielding your spirit from negative energy, amethyst ensures that you will have a safe and peaceful journey," Askinosie says, adding that you meditate with it every day, even after your trip ends, to keep those chill out-of-office vibes alive in your heart.
Meanwhile, moonstone has a longstanding reputation as a "traveler's stone," Askinosie says, explaining that it's believed to bring good fortune to the user, lift their spirits, and even ward off feelings of homesickness. Where was our moonstone during those ill-fated trips to summer camp?
Finally, shungite is known mostly as a powerful protective stone — but who wouldn't welcome an added sense of security while abroad? Askinosie recommends wearing it as a pendant, since that direct contact with your skin is thought to enhance the crystal's function as an energetic shield.
Anyone who's left their toothbrush at a hotel knows that things easily go missing while you travel — so what should you do if you misplace your trusty amethyst or moonstone during your journey? If you're sure it's lost forever (and, you know, not buried under your souvenirs), take comfort in knowing that someone else will find it eventually, Askinosie says. "There’s beauty in passing things along. Maybe the universe decided they needed it more," she explains.
Whatever you do, "don’t stress about it," Askinosie adds. "That kind of defeats the purpose, right?"

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