A Definitive Ranking Of Smorgasburg’s Best Vendors

Photo: Courtesy of Smorgasburg.
Smorgasburg, Brooklyn’s number one destination to eat yourself into a food coma, has grown in size and popularity since launching in May 2011 as a spinoff of the Brooklyn Flea. Every Saturday and Sunday from April through November, the culinary paradise is home to 100+ local and regional food vendors of every gastronomical stripe; Time Out New York has labeled it “a glutton's paradise;" The New York Times has dubbed it "the Woodstock of eating." The options range from classic (pastries and pastas) to fairly unusual (teriyaki balls stuffed with country sausage). With so much food to choose from, it’s nearly impossible to practice self-control. Only those with a shockingly high level of restraint are able to exit without cradling a food baby or preparing for an afternoon snooze. If this sounds overwhelming, fear not! We’ve taken on the terrible, tiring task of stuffing face — so that you can stuff yours with only the most delicious of dishes.
Photo: Courtesy of Mofongo.
The Top 10: For Meat Eaters Sunday Gravy
Sometimes, a good classic is all you need. Sunday Gravy serves pasta with a sauce so delicious, it’ll make your nona from Naples cry. Also on the menu is fried mac 'n' cheese with pulled pork, a combination of foods whose compatibility is absolutely no surprise. MofonGO
Long lines are typical at MofonGO, purveyor of the classic Puerto Rican comfort food (a fried plantain-based dish stuffed with garlic, pork cracklings, and other delicious goodies) after which it's named. This spot offers two varieties — veggie and chicken — and both are worth the wait.

Drippy, fatty goodness — Landhaus is a pork-lover's paradise. While the stand serves some unreal sandwiches and burgers, the real star of the menu is the simple-yet-oh-so-flavorful maple bacon stick, a thick-cut hunk of meaty heaven with just the right touch of sweet.

Goa Taco
Tortilla tacos are so 2014. Paratha tacos are so now. The vendor describes its product — a famous Indian flatbread — as “the buttery, flaky lovechild of the tortilla and the croissant, filled with all the delicious things from everywhere.” Choose from all sorts of fillings, including house-made chicken chorizo and spiced honey roasted butternut squash. Nom.

Noodle Lane

The star of this Szechuan-inspired menu is the Dan Dan noodles — egg noodles with a savory sauce and chili oil, topped with sautéed minced pork, Sichuan-preserved vegetables, and scallions. Also worth trying are the Cheong Fung, big rice noodles stuffed with scallions, pan-seared, and topped with peanut sauce.

Duck Season
Duck Season's menu is built around duck confit, the traditional slow-cooked dish that only tastes better the more it soaks lovingly in its own fat. Note: It's best served with the crunchy and creamy fat potatoes. This place is definitely not for the faint of heart, but is so, so worth it.

Von Kava
The only venue with a tasting menu, Von Kava's white-tableclothed chef’s counter serves a four-course, pre-selected meal accompanied by an amuse-bouche and petit four. What's more, the food is nearly as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate: It's beautifully plated and garnished with edible flowers. Stop by the tent when you arrive to make a reservation for later that day.

East Coast Poke

Ahi tuna poke is a Hawaiian specialty of fresh tuna, avocado, and sesame oil served over rice. Sushi lovers will rejoice at this eatery's freshness and quality. Plus, it's light enough to follow up with a dessert (or two). Choose between the classic version or test your taste buds with some spicy mayo.

The Imperial Egg
This vendor may be a Smorgasburg newbie, but it's already been proved to be quite a hit. Their Scotch eggs — which are battered and deep fried — are an indulgent and filling brunch plate that won't disappoint. Choose from multiple fillings to accompany your egg, like Moroccan spiced lamb or Japanese-style chicken sausage.
Photo: Courtesy of Antonio Delucci.
The Top 10: For Veggie Lovers Antica Pesa
Comfort food at its finest. An extension of the popular Williamsburg Italian restaurant, Antica Pesa serves up some authentic Roman street snacks. And, while we love the classic eggplant parmigiana, we really, really love the Frittata Di Pasta: leftover pasta formed into a patty and deep fried. If you have some room (carry on, brave soldier!) the brownies with blueberry preserves are not to be missed. Milk Truck Grilled Cheese
No great feast is complete without an ooey, gooey grilled cheese sandwich. Here, go for the classic version or — if you're feeling adventurous — go on a "Three Cheese" adventure with aged Gruyere, New York State cheddar, Wisconsin blue, and caramelized Granny Smith apples on Blue Ribbon Bakery's rosemary pullman bread.

Burma Noodle
We can almost guarantee you haven't yet tasted something quite like this. Burma Noodle is serving up an ever-changing menu of fresh and innovative dishes, like tea leaf salad (a traditional Burmese favorite), vegan‬ coconut Jell-o with lime coulis, and Vietnamese coffee-flavored brownies.

Chickpea & Olive
Vegan lovers, this one’s for you. Chickpea and Olive's menu is comprised of 100% plant-based comfort food made from locally- and organically-sourced ingredients. Our suggestion? Opt for the polka burger, which features roasted mushrooms, slow-cooked caramelized onions, and horseradish aioli, and a coconut black iced tea.

Bombay Sandwich Co.
Healthy without compromising flavor, Bombay Sandwich Co. serves food made with seasonal ingredients and fresh, whole-grain breads. Plus, the colorful, creative menu items are cooked with ayurvedic spices and topped with homemade chutneys. For the ultimate BSC experience, indulge in the chana masala sandwich — chickpeas topped with mixed greens, pickled onions, and homemade date chutney served on a tasca ciabatta roll — paired with an iced chai tea or mango lemonade.

Woezo's West African cuisine is a tropical foray among the burgers and fries of its neighboring vendors. Sriracha-injected "koliko" (yam fries) are paired with ginger gazpacho dipping sauce, and the yovo salad, made with avocado, beets, onions, and roasted corn, is a light and healthy option. Hibiscus iced tea, lightly-sweetened with maple syrup, is an awesome (read: must-have) add-on.

Big Mozz
Cheeeeese. Lots of it. New to Smorgasburg, Big Mozz is making a big, gooey splash. Choose from Mozz pops, a Mozz bomb (pesto injected into a ball of fresh mozzarella) or a roast pork sandwich with, well...mozzarella. (It's delicious, but not so vegan friendly!)

Rice & Miso Everyday
Simple-yet-awesome. This vendor’s onigiri are handcrafted with certified-organic brown rice and rolled in a delicious combination of miso paste and garlic. They also use seasonal and sustainable ingredients from local farms for their miso soup. A win-win!

Parantha Alley
Craving something with a bit of kick? These whole-wheat roti are served with spicy, flavorful Indian fillings, and have both vegan and vegetarian options available. We also recommend trying the mango lassi, made from fresh mangoes blended with yogurt, or a refreshing Rooh Afzah mint lemonade.

Bunna Cafe
After developing a cult-like fan base as a travelling pop-up, this Ethiopian vegan food vendor recently settled into a Bushwick brick-and-mortar. Warm injera, Ethiopian sourdough flatbread made with teff and wheat flour, is paired with a variety of flavorful and exotic sides, making it a must-visit for those looking for something a little more adventurous.
Photo: Courtesy of Blue Marble.
The Top 5: For Sweet Tooths Dough
There is nothing like a warm, doughy doughnut to have you saying “yasssssss.” Dough's are pretty large (the more, the merrier, right?), so save some room if you want to enjoy them fully. Butter & Scotch
Maple. Bacon. Cupcake. Enough said? The bourbon ginger pecan pies are also a hit. Actually, so is everything. People's Pops:
Is there a more go-to summer snack than a cooling ice pop? People's Pops are far from your standard Firecracker, however — the vendor uses local ingredients to craft some out-of-this-world flavors, like Rasberry Rose, Blackberry Peach Jasmine, and Cold-Pressed Mocha.

Gooey & Co.
Gooey and Co.'s cake is guaranteed to make all other cakes seem sad in comparison. Moist, buttery, and rich, these confections seriously live up to their name.

Blue Marble Ice Cream
It's a much-loved Brooklyn establishment — and for good reason. In addition to being absolutely delicious, the brand earns praise for its commitment to using only organic ingredients. All the flavors are amazing, but we're still dreaming of a scoop of the Sea Salt Caramel.

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