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At least once a week, the writers and editors on Refinery29's Life team get into a long conversation about some cool new item that's been absolutely saving, changing, or elevating our lives. So we decided to share the wealth, and highlight some of our favorite products and experiences each month.
This month, we're excited about a bottled martini, arm weights, a bathhouse, and so much more.
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Vicks VapoRub

"I have my first post-COVID cold and I'm miserable. The only thing helping me other than loads of Kleenex tissues and going to bed at 8:30 p.m. is my forever favorite Vicks VapoRub. You know you're in my inner work circle when I slather this on my nose during a Zoom meeting without giving you any context."
— Carli Whitwell, Senior Editorial Director
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Smash + Tess Funky Flared Romper

"The only thing that's better than a stretchy romper is a stretchy romper with bell bottoms. This version, a collab from Canadian brand Smash + Tess and Ashlee Simpson Ross, is so versatile, I can wear it everywhere — from relaxing at home on a Sunday after to a night out (paired with an oversized blazer). And, sorry to sound like my mom here, but it washes beautifully!"
— CW
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Via Carota Signature Martini

"As a self-professed martini connoisseur, the impossible-to-get-a-reservation-at, Taylor Swift-approved Via Carota's martini has been on my bucket list forever. So when I heard they were releasing a bottled version of their signature drinks (along with the martini they also released an espresso martini, two negronis, and two whiskey drinks), I jumped at the opportunity to get my hands on this fabled drink. I went into my drinking experience a bit skeptical since I had yet to see a properly bottled vodka martini hit the market, but boy I was impressed. Simultaneously giving savory and sour, the vermouth is perfectly balanced and I easily added a bit of olive juice for the perfect at-home dirty martini. Needless to say, I'll be stocking this baby on my bar cart for the foreseeable future."
— Hannah Rimm, Senior Life Editor
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Cuyana Cardholder

"I've been a big wallet girly for as long as I can remember, but lately I've really craved the ease of just throwing my wallet in my pocket and running to the corner store. I've always been skeptical of cardholders because of their size and my "need to carry everything with me at all times" way of life, so I was pleasantly surprised when I happened upon the Cuyana cardholder. It's big enough to hold four credit cards, my ID, cash, and all of my health insurance cards while still fitting seamless in my back pocket. I also love the zipper detail because it gives me the perfect place to keep my small jewelry when I'm working out. Not to mention, the leather of this wallet is absolutely stunning and unbelievably strong." — HR
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Mionetto Prosecco Six Pack

"If you know me, you know two things are true — I'm tragically allergic to beer and I've never shown up to a party without a liquid gift. So when the Mionetto Prosecco Six Pack came into my purview, I ran towards the light. For the price of a bottle of wine, this six pack contains three individual bottles of prosecco and three individual bottles of rosé all in the cutest packaging you ever did see. Plus, Mionetto is unquestionably delicious, and the perfect way to get any party going." — HR
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Sloomoo Institute Slime

"I first purchased slime in the depths of my pandemic depression — it was simultaneously entertaining, adorable, and deeply cathartic. Since 2020, I've become a bit of a slime addict — last I counted I have at least a few dozen slimes scattered across my apartment. And Sloomoo's slime really lives up to the hype. It's the perfect mix of intricate and fragrant without being too sticky and it has been an absolute lifesaver in keeping my hands busy during Zoom meetings. I also had the absolute privilege of getting to go to the Sloomoo Institute and making my own slime (she's hot pink and smells like Froot Loops!), and seriously I cannot recommend the pure childlike joy of spending hours with slime enough. 100000/10 would recommend." — HR
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Bala x CorePower Yoga 2lb Bangles

"I am a Bala stan and a Corepower stan, so when the two brands announced they were coming together to create a set of weighted bangles, I was excited to get my hands on them. I've been taking Corepower classes for a few months now and it's one of my favorite workouts in the city, and I also own a set of one-pound Bala Bangles. But these special edition bangles are two pounds (and a bright Corepower orange, I might add). I was worried about the extra weight being harder to wear compared to what I'm used to, but Bala has made these just as secure and comfortable as their lighter weights. The extra pound really elevates my grocery store runs and end of day walks. " — Elizabeth Gulino, Senior Writer
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Alice Brainstorm Mushrooms

"I've had a serious case of brain fog for what feels like forever and have been trying to figure out ways to make my mind clearer and more attentive. After seeing Alice all over my IG feed, I decided to test out the Brainstorm version of their mushroom chocolates for a bit to see if they'll help at all. These aren't psychedelic and they don't give you a high — instead, they're filled with functional mushrooms such as lion's mane and cordyceps (insert The Last Of Us joke here). I'm a skeptic when it comes to most wellness products, but I can say that my urge to take a nap has gone down significantly after eating one of these. Oh, and they taste good, too — as a chocolate lover, I usually have to stop myself from eating just one." — EG
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Bathhouse Aufguss

"If you're in desperate need of a spa day and want to try something a little different, I can't recommend Bathhouse's "Aufguss" experience enough. It involves sitting in the tropical sauna for 10 to 15 minutes, while the session leader drops snowballs containing essential oils on hot coals inside the sauna. Then the leader tosses around a towel like an experienced chef would sling pizza dough; this helps to disperse the scent of the oils throughout the room (and is entertaining enough to help you stay in the sauna for the full experience — or at least long enough to reap as many benefits as possible). I found the Aufguss (which means "infusion" in German and has European origins) to be incredibly meditative, and just a great vibe. — Molly Longman, Senior Staff Writer

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VARMBLIXT Serving Bowl

"I'm obsessed with Ikea's new collaboration with artist Sabine Marcelis, who does stunning works playing with light, glass, and other mediums. Several of the items from this VARMBLIXT collection sold out quickly but I was able to buy this beautiful green bowl that I'm using as a jewelry/knick-knack holder. Ikea's planning to restock some pieces from the collection in the next couple of weeks and I'm still hoping I can buy one of the lamps for my apartment." — Lisa Dionisio, Newsletter Director


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