The Funniest Blooper Reels From Dramatic Shows & Movies

GoTBloopers-wide2Photo: Via @Game of Thrones.
As the saying goes, comedy equals tragedy plus time. Actors and crew members on serious projects don't have time to wait for humor, though. They need to inject a little levity in the midst of filming subject matter that can be a serious downer. The result? These surprisingly light-hearted blooper reels from some of the more depressing TV shows and movies out there.
Not only are the gag reels hilarious, the juxtaposition between what goes on behind the scenes and the final product is fascinating. No one can be serious all the time, and the different types of humor each actor brings to diffuse the tension can be completely out of character — and almost shocking. Just wait 'til you hear the profanity that emerges from Matt Bomer's handsome mouth when he forgets a line. It would make Richard Pryor blush.
So, the next time you're binge-watching Breaking Bad and things are getting way too tense, think of Walter White cocking a dildo at Jesse like it's a gun. Oh, and it goes without saying, but *many* spoilers ahead, and unless you're wearing headphones, these gag reels are most likely NSFW.
Game of Thrones
Highlight: Jaime and Tyrion prove that all men must DANCE.
Breaking Bad
Highlight: "From the cast to the crew: An anal bleaching kit. Because no crew should walk around with a dark anus." — Bryan Cranston
The Wire
Highlight: It would definitely have to be the conga line.
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Highlight: "I think we got company...and I gotta say the cliché spy line." — Brad Pitt
Grey's Anatomy
Highlight: "I'd like to buy a vowel." — Patrick Dempsey
White Collar
Highlight: You talk to your mother with that mouth, Matt Bomer?
Harry Potter
Highlight: Rupert Grint's incredibly wrong reaction to finding out that Snape really wants to murder his friend Harry Potter.
Highlight: Not even Rocky was this committed to "Eye of the Tiger."
Highlight: You take the good; you take the bad; you take them both, and there you have: The Facts of Deadwood.
The Vampire Diaries
Highlight: "We're having a bit of a bug issue." — Nina Dobrev
Highlight: We'd watch an entire spin-off about Charlie and Hurley's adventures in the jungle.
Highlight: “One hard candy covered in murderer’s silver cock ring...a tarnished, very rusted cock ring.”
Lord of the Rings
Highlight: We hope Orlando Bloom at least bought that horse dinner first.
Highlight: "I play Doug, and I'm Batman." — George Clooney
Pretty Little Liars
Highlight: "This is really good therapy." — Shay Mitchell
Highlight: How much is that geisha in the window? I do hope that geisha's for sale.
The West Wing
Highlight: Jacket much jacket trickery.
Sons of Anarchy
Highlight: The nose-picking montage, for sure.
Criminal Minds
Highlight: A giant map calls for a giant pen.
Mad Men
Highlight: While not technically a blooper reel, we love seeing Don and the gang unwind with a good, old-fashioned sing-along.

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