Tired Of Waiting For Your Hair To Grow? Put It On A Diet

embedPhotographed by Amelia Alpaugh.
Usually, if we're on a diet, it's because we want to lose something (pounds, specifically). But, after checking out this article on Blisstree, we're ready to try a diet that will help us gain something — shiny, healthy, and longer hair, that is.
If you're looking to achieve waist-grazing locks, try kidney beans — they contain biotin, the same hair growth supplement you've heard about in pill form. You can also find biotin in walnuts, which (bonus!) also contain copper to enhance your hair's natural color.
No matter what your hair aspirations may be, we found this list to be pretty informative. From blueberries to salmon, the foods that improve the health of your hair are, generally speaking, pretty good for the rest of you, too. (Blisstree)

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