13 Of The Best Donuts In The Bay

Here in the Bay, we’re in the midst of a donut renaissance. And, to celebrate National Donut Day (yes, that's a thing), we girded our loins and logged in an extra spinning class to bring you our 13 favorite donuts. We've rounded up a baker's dozen celebrating everything from mom-and-pop classics to wildly imaginative artisanal creations (think spiked, bacon-injected, and crème-fraîche-filled options). Wanna see our top picks? We suggest pouring yourself a glass of milk, because we’re going on a no-calories-barred, crispy-and-creamy journey to celebrate the perfect storm of junk food, a once-in-a-year holiday, and our culinary zeitgeist of the moment. Start clicking…and get that dough!
Photographed by Jasmine Gregory