A Totally Organic Way To Murder Bedbugs

Feel like throwing away $4,100 this month? Like, literally throwing it into the garbage? Because that's the average cost of eliminating a bedbug infestation, before you even talk extermination costs—and in addition to the 4K, you could be forced to toss your entire wardrobe too. Bedbugs are the city's current trending threat, and though we all talk about how horrifying it is, few of us know how to effectively prevent them. Enter BedbugLogic—an eco-friendly product line focused on the prevention of bedbugs. These sprays act both as prevention and treatment (though the idea is not to get to the treatment stage). Spray this stuff regularly in your home (on and around the bed, and also on clothes/linens you may be using while traveling—they even have a bottle that’s been approved for airline travel). It's non-toxic, eco-friendly, pesticide free, and hypoallergenic. So to prevent such a fate from befalling you, invest in advance: BedbugLogic could become New York City’s newest super hero.

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