Inside The Epic Closet (& Excellent Adventures) Of Aureta Thomollari

If you're not familiar with Aureta Thomollari's blog, simply called Aureta's Blog, let us go ahead and warn you: A few clicks, and you'll be overtaken by extreme wanderlust (and some major closet envy, too). The blogger/consultant/model/general jet-setter has one of the most amazing wardrobes we've ever seen — think vintage Givenchy gems and killer McQueen clutches sharing closet space with towering Gucci heels and enough It bags to set a girl up for life.
We spent an afternoon with Aureta, playing dress-up, discussing her entrepreneurial leanings, and learning what she loves about our city. Click through to listen in on our heart-to-heart chat with this globe-trotting fashionphile, and discover her secrets for truly inspired style.
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How would you describe your personal style?

"No matter how often I get asked this question, I still can't really be objective in answering it. But I know that I dress based on my emotions, and since emotions are never constant, my style range tends to be very wide. Let me put it this way: My style is eclectic and a bit inspired by Old World glamour."

Photographed by Marshall Johnson
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Aureta wears Charlotte Olympia platforms and Paul & Joe pants.

Photographed by Marshall Johnson
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Relaxing in a private outdoor guest room, dubbed the "White Room," where she retreats to read, paint, and study.

Bruno Grizzo cape, Vanina collar she purchased in Beirut.

Photographed by Marshall Johnson
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Even the dining area has a special dose of glamour, thanks to an ornate chandelier and a towering mirror.

Photographed by Marshall Johnson
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Have you always loved fashion?

"Yes, but of course, my style has changed and evolved through the years. There are certain designers I've loved my entire life, like Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciaga, but I'm also excited by newer designers, such as Phoebe Philo and Proenza Schouler."

Alexander McQueen cape, Alaïa dress, vintage cuff bracelet.

Photographed by Marshall Johnson
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You don't shop for new items very often. When you do, what are some of your favorite local boutiques?

"In D.C., I like Hu's Wear and the Georgetown flea market."

Charlotte Olympia platform heels.

Photographed by Marshall Johnson
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What about stores outside of D.C.?

"Outside of D.C., I love Maxfield's and Barneys in L.A., Colette in Paris, Calypso in St. Barth's, Jeffrey in New York, Dover Street Market in London, 10 Corso Como in Seoul and Milan, LGB and Bedrock in Tokyo. Also, L.A. has amazing vintage stores and flea markets — Shareen Vintage, Rose Bowl, Decades, and Resurrection are standouts."

Vintage Givenchy necklace.

Photographed by Marshall Johnson
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You travel a lot! To you, what are some of the most stylish destinations?

"Tokyo, NYC, Paris, and St. Barth's never fail to inspire me."

Photographed by Marshall Johnson
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What are your favorite sources of inspiration when it comes to your personal style?

"I love traveling and visiting the important and inspiring sites wherever I go. Whether it's the County Museum of Art or the Getty in Los Angeles, the MoMA in New York, or the MOMAT in Tokyo, I can feel my creativity renewed with each visit."

Vintage Bob Mackie top from Annie Creamcheese in Las Vegas, Donna Karan skirt, Christian Louboutin heels.

Photographed by Marshall Johnson
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When you land in D.C. between trips, what are the places you head to first?

"The Peking Gourmet Inn always feels like home to me."

Plukka ring.

Photographed by Marshall Johnson
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A native of Albania, Aureta owned a jewelry store in Los Angeles before moving to D.C. in 2008. She currently owns a luxury consulting company and has her hand in a bevy of creative projects.

Photographed by Marshall Johnson
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You've been working on a children's book. What's the story behind that project?

"I've long wanted to write a children's book, not only because I love kids, but because I've always tried to communicate my belief in the importance of self-confidence and self-expression. I'm lucky enough to have friends who are talented writers and illustrators, and so I am collaborating with a couple of them on the project."

Photographed by Marshall Johnson
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Between work and travel, how do you unwind?

"Happily, I love traveling, and I love my work, so I am able to find moments of relaxation even in the midst of the most strenuous activity. Having said that, of course I enjoy moments of pure relaxation, whether they are as luxurious as a spa treatment or as natural as a hike in the mountains or a walk on the beach. Dinner with friends, visiting my family, helping to welcome new babies into the world — I love doing the same things as anyone else!"

Vintage Christian Dior dress and shawl, antique Afghani headpiece she purchased in Dubai.

Photographed by Marshall Johnson
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On that note, what's your typical work day look like?

"I'm extremely lucky in that I have very few 'typical' days. Of course, I regularly head to meetings, brainstorms with clients or vendors, and writes proposals, but the challenges that come my way are so varied and surprising that it always feels new to me. I'm always someplace different, seeing new things, feeling constantly inspired."

Photographed by Marshall Johnson
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Tell us a bit about why you started blogging, and what motivates you to continue.

"Blogging for me is therapeutic — it is my diary. What a great way to look back and remember my life. Friends and family had suggested many times for me to do so, and finally one day I was convinced, and I'm very happy I did."

The Internet can be a tough place for personal style bloggers. Have you encountered any pitfalls along the way?

"No, it has been absolutely exciting. The response from people all over the world was instantaneous and overwhelmingly positive. It's been a very rewarding experience thus far, leading to friendships and even professional projects."

Photographed by Marshall Johnson
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You have one of the most amazing closets in D.C. How did you amass the collection of clothing and accessories that you have?

"I approach clothing as art, and began collecting pieces over a decade ago. Their shapes and forms inspire me; indeed, I find that the clothing I acquire feeds my personal creativity."

Aureta converted a second bedroom into a walk-in closet, where her cache of vintage and designer clothing is organized by color and length.

Photographed by Marshall Johnson
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What's next on the agenda for you?

"Simply this: To enjoy every day as if it were my last."

Photographed by Marshall Johnson

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