Ann Romney Vs. Michelle Obama: The Ultimate Fashion Face-Off?

An election battle between President Obama and GOP candidate Mitt Romney will be interesting in its own right, but what about the sartorial showdown between their style-savvy wives? We're extra-intrigued to see what the current First Lady will be donning, come November, and also, how her competition stacks up when the political heat is really on.
The Huffington Post's Fashion Whip bloggers Christina Wilkie and Lauren Rothman dished some advice for Ann Romney recently, recommending regular blowouts to keep her tresses looking sleek and polished. Also on the agenda? Develop a signature style, like Michelle Obama did during her first year in the White House, and incorporate a bit more Sarah Palin-esque glamour — think a hot pair of shoes or some pretty lipgloss.
What do you think? Should Ann Romney step up her style game, or keep it low-key? We all know appearances play a role in the political process, but how do you think this will all play out? (Huffington Post)

Photo: Via Huffington Post


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