Angela Gaimari

Angela Gaimari
Fashion reporter/Punk chanteuse
Name: Angela Gaimari
What do you do? Fashion reporter, punk chanteuse
Tell us about your outfit: I would never have bought this trench, but a store I loved called Ghostown went out of business last month and everything was 75% off. I feel very Annie Lenox in it. The bag is Valentino, and when I went to see the original price, the tag said "Runway." The shoes are Salvatore Ferragamo men's dress shoes.
Anyone you're channeling right now? I'm always a little D.S.S.—that's short for Desperately Seeking Susan, not Department of Social Services. The jeans are Bongo, which I bought when I was 15 and just getting into punk, so maybe I'm channeling early Angela.
Who's your favorite designer at the moment? I met Valentino recently, and loved how he likes to grab you when he's trying to make a point. I have a lingering obsession with all things Karl. As far as clothes I actually buy and wear: Moonblood makes really cool-worn out Native American-themed silkscreen shirts with amazing cuts and fits that I turned all my friends onto; my Prudence coat gets me continual praise, and Kai Kühne's "German Origami" folded dresses and jackets.
Anything you've got your eye on? More menswear. My silhouette is getting sleeker, so I'd like to wear boyish cuts to see if I could get away with it. I'd love some vintage Hedi Slimane, preferably previously worn onstage by someone gorgeous. Ascots and hats, too. I'm trying to turn into Keith Richards.