Amanda Doll

Amanda Doll
Stylist/Personal Shopper
Name: Amanda Doll
What do you do? I'm a stylist and personal shopper
Can you tell us about your outfit? Today it's all about keeping warm, but fun accessories such as my roomates hat, boyfriend's watch and Loeffler Randall shoes add character to the basic black ensemble… I like to keep the outfit simple play with the accessories.
What inspires you? The old classic movies set in New York. The 50's and 60's films paint such a romantic portrait of the city and the clothing is always to perfection. It's probably why I moved here to begin with.
Who's your style idol? Jane Birkin and Bridgitte Bardot. They had a classic style while keeping it sexy.
What's your favorite piece of clothing? My mother's vintage dress from the '60s. Patricia Field even stopped me on the street when I was wearing it last. It's a huge compliment to have Pat appreciate something my mother designed, although my mother is in Alabama and I had to explain to her who Patricia Field was.
Anything in your closet that you've never worn? I recently purchased a gorgeous Zac Posen gown… now I'm just waiting to find somewhere fabulous and appropriate to wear it!

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