Alexander May

Los Angeles
Name: Alexander May
What do you do? I'm an artist
What are you wearing? Vintage Bally shoes, Tsubi pants, a tank I cut myself, a blazer I got at a vintage store in Berlin, and these vintage triple-gold, special-edition sunglasses that my dad gave me. My scarf is actually from J. Crew. You just never know.
Define your personal style: Fancy art lady! Haha…that's seriously my favorite look.
What's your favorite thing about L.A.? Solitude
Any exciting new finds for your wardrobe or home? Yeah, my new crystal from "Malibu Shaman," it's a little spiritual gift shop.
Favorite place to hang out? The Mandrake, it's the bar next to the galleries I frequent.
Any tidbit about yourself we might be interested in? Well, I spell phonetically...but maybe that's too much informashun.

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