A Day at the Races, NASA's Bridge Line, and Dov's Good Vibrations

royalascotlink.jpgAt the Royal Ascot this year, women must wear, "formal day dress with a hat or substantial fascinator". You have been warned. (AFP)
In other British-traditional-dress news, Prince William was bedecked in the most noble of vestments when he was inducted into the Royal Order of the Garter yesterday. Look at his funny hat! (Radar, photo via Chilli Sauce)
A new bottled-water company anticipates consumer response. (The Die Line)
In a move that is both a celebration of the triumph of the human spirit and a strange capitulation to the contrary forces of oppressive communism and soulless capitalism, Opening Ceremony will stay open for 72 hours straight August 8th to honor the start of the Beijing Olympics. (Racked)
Just in time for the summer beach-going season, NASA has updated its tired, old spacesuit with fetching new lines and crisp, shiny materials. (NY Times)
Nintendo is marketing a "street-fashion-simulation game" called "POP CUTIE!" where players manage the day-to-day happenings of their very own fashion boutique. We are just a touch disturbed. (Fashionista)
Dov Charney, who never seems to run out of new ways to be skeezy, is now stocking vibrators in American Apparel stores. Bzzzzzz. (Fashion Indie)
Everyone's headed to the Hamptons this summer, including Earnest Sewn, who will be opening a location in Southampton. How are they going to get all those jeans on the Jitney? (NYMag)

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