Can’t Fit Your Life Into The Overhead Bin? Here’s Some Good News

Okay, 'fess up — since airlines started charging for checked bags, how many times have you tried to squeak by with a too-big carry-on? Or at the very least, sweated in the center aisle while you tried to wrestle your luggage into a jam-packed overhead bin? We're right there with you, so we were delighted by the news that a host of major airlines are revamping their overhead bins with roomier compartments and more secure, suitcase-accommodating doors.
So, seeing that air travel might not suck quite so much in a few months, we started a hunt for some great new luggage, to celebrate. Click through for some covetable carry-ons that are actually worthy of stashing your super-chic wardrobe — and now, they'll fit in the overhead, no prob.

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