4 Products That Make Air-Drying Better Than A Blowout

Lazy girls of the world, lend me your ears, because today is your day. Hair brands have heard your curses as you tango with your blow dryers, and are answering your prayers. There's a new product in town — one that's specifically formulated to make your hair gorgeous sans blowout. Say hello to air-driers.
"An air-drying product is great right now with the timing of spring and summer," says Carrie Hill, a Bumble and bumble stylist and educator. "Clients want an easy hair regimen in the morning, and don't want to bother with blow dryers in the warmer months. Most New Yorkers [Ed note: let's face it, most women] don't have much time to spend on their hair, so this product is great for giving hair that effortless, natural texture without weighing it down."
We've also seen a trend on the runways towards more tousled, laid-back styles — and you just can't get those with a dryer. But, Hill says, the push for air drying goes beyond that. It actually has a lot to do with hair color. "With color trends on the rise, the integrity of the hair can't always handle head styling every day — particularly on fine to medium textures," she explains. "This product is great for the days when you want to give your hair a break from the sleek, blow-dry finish." 
Bumble and bumble isn't the only brand that's pushing out an air drying product, though. Ahead, find four buys that may make you never go back to your blow dryer. Need tips for how to use these bottles? No worries — we've got you covered

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