AIADO's Fashion Exhibition, AKA The Most Not-Boring Thesis Ever

When you turned in your thesis, you were pretty sure it floated to the bottom of a file cabinet, and gradually turned to dust. It’s different when the AIADO graduates turn in their theses, we get to stare, wonder, and swoon. Where is Where: The AIADO and Fashion Graduate Thesis Exhibition 2011 is here and waiting for your oogling eyes to come by and take a look. Gallery hours are 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., at the SAIC Sullivan Galleries. Come see what Chicago's freshest, hottest talents in architecture, interior architecture, designed objects and fashion are up to. It beats the hell out your sociology paper.
Now through June 25 at SAIC Sullivan Galleries, 33 South State Street, 7th Floor (at Monroe Street); 312-629-6635.

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