Absolutely Fabulous, Indeed: Eddy & Patsy To Air A 30-Minute Olympics Special

Nastia Liukin won't be swinging between the bars this year, and sadly, we don't see a sports-themed episode of The Real Housewives hitting our DVR any time soon. But, that doesn't mean all of our favorite ladies will be left out of the London festivities.
The crazy, kooky, and so-beloved duo from Absolutely Fabulous have recorded a special Olympics-themed episode, and from the tiny snippet we laid eyes on, this might be prove to be crazier than Danny Boyle's Opening Ceremony fiesta.
Not only have they managed to cram shiny gold leggings, ridiculous bathing suits, and hilarious arguments into the half-minute trailer, but one look at the list of special guests stopping by has us dying to see what else is in store. The special 30-minute episode will feature former Olympians Dame Tanni Grey Thompson and Dame Kelly Holmes, as well as our favorite Brit, Stella McCartney (apparently, Eddy will be banned from her store for life!).
The 20th Anniversary episode airs overseas on Monday and on BBC America next Wednesday at 10 p.m., which will effectively prepare us to stare at the television for the next three weeks straight. Because yes, it'll be fun to see Michael Phelps run the world, but watching Eddy and Patsy potentially try to hurl their bodies over a hurdle? Now that's pure gold. (Catwalk Queen)

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