8 Things To Know This AM — Jun 11 2014

2014 is officially the year of Yves Saint Laurent biopics. Come this fall, yet another movie about the man behind Le Smoking will be released. (WWD)
David Lynch finally got Leland Palmer to stop dancing and sit down for once. (Animal New York)
In an effort to improve the educational system, a California judge deemed it unconstitutional to keep under-performing teachers on staff. If the decision to make acquiring tenure more difficult is upheld, the nation will have to reevaluate how teachers are hired and/or fired. (Los Angeles Times)
Bedtime procrastination, the very-real phenomenon of neglecting to go to bed at a normal hour and without any external distractions, has been scientifically proven to affect a considerable majority of us. (Frontiers)
The Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation, adamant opponents to the Washington Redskins name, is taking its fight outside of the football field and on the basketball court. An anti-Redskins ad will play during this week's Game 3 between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs. (ESPN)
Meanwhile, drones are now perpetrators of sexual harassment. Great. (Dazed Digital)
Winter has come to Twitter. George R.R. Martin joined the social media site, but would rather fans read his LiveJournal. Follow at your own will. (Twitter)
Finally, James Franco thinks everyone who wants to take a film class, should. So, in true James Franco fashion, he's opening up an online class to everyone willing to shell out $25 this summer. (Fast.Co)
8things1Photo: Courtesy of Scope Pictures.

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