8 Things To Know This AM — May 27 2014

Thanks to Skippable, binge-watching may never be the same again: The digital service tells you which episodes of your latest television obsession aren't worth your time. (Fast.Co)
Gucci isn't expecting a change of leadership anytime soon, so you can ignore recent rumors that Frida Giannini will be replaced. (Fashionista)
The NBA is still forcing the sale of the L.A. Clippers, actively ignoring co-owners Donald and Shelly Sterling's offer to sell the team on their terms. (CNN)
The US Postal Service might not be perfect — far from it, in fact — but a House Committee just approved a bill that could end door-to-door mail for more than 15 million Americans. (FOX)
Samsung will be introducing a standalone smart watch. Your move, Apple. (Wall Street Journal)
Responding to the National shortage on lethal injection drugs, Tennessee will reintroduce the electric chair. (Gawker)
President Obama made a surprise visit to Afghanistan on Monday to address transitioning out of the country face-to-face with Afghani officials. (CNN)
Finally, Amazon's tête–à–tête with various publishing houses has taken the battle of books to a new level. The mini-monopoly the online shopping center has over who gets what book will likely change the way customers purchase stories in the future (if they can purchase them at all). (The New York Times)
laura_embedPhoto: Courtesy of CBS Television.

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