Hot New Hair Trend: Ombre Color, Rad Or Bad?

When it comes to our locks, we're more than willing to go the distance...okay, maybe explore the distance is more like it. Whether that means having a go with the razor á la Alice Dellal or channeling the '80s mop-top YSL style in a sleek bowl cut, we do indeed love a fresh 'do. So when we noticed the ombre hair highlights beginning to surface, we knew it would be a trend to tempt us. The subtle shift in color, from the palest light to the deepest dark, more than suits our love of contrasts. But could we--would we--actually rock this look ourselves? Tell us straight: Are these ombre hair highlights total radness or just plain badness?
Above, from left: A shady lady on the street in Paris sporting lighter ends, photo by Eddie Newton/; a model in Hermione de Paula's lookbook with an ombre 'do.
Above: Stylist Katie Shillingford at Paris Fashion Week with blue/black ombre hair, photo by Tommy Ton/
Above, from left: Model Anastasija Kondratjeva on the runway at Proenza Schouler, photo via; Dree Hemmingway with pink ombre hair, photo by Craig Arend/altamiranyc.
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