8 Things To Know This AM — May 06 2014

Katie Couric is slated to make a brief return to the Today show. (New York Post)
Internationally, the FBI has sent agents to Nigeria to aid in the search for the more than 200 missing girls taken by terror group Boko Haram. (The Huffington Post)
Additionally, the World Health Organization has declared an international emergency on the rapid spread of polio. (The New York Times)
Thanks to science, the periodic table of elements has a new family member. World, say hello to Element 117. (Fox)
Science has also found that the Earth is closer to losing Antarctica faster than originally thought. (East Hampton)
Alibaba, the online marketplace, bank, and search engine, is on the brink of becoming the United States' largest IPO, ever. (Wall Street Journal)
Health-wise, Coca-Cola is removing a chemical linked to fire retardant from its Powerade ingredients because, well, fire retardant doesn't do a body good. (Mashable)
On the plus side, the secret to a three-day workweek is one click away. (Time)
katie_04Photo: Courtesy of Katie Couric.

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