8 Things To Know This AM — May 05 2014

Happy Cinco de Mayo!
Unlike fetch, the Mean Girls musical is, indeed, going to happen. (Vulture)
Uncensored, never-before-seen F. Scott Fitzgerald material has been published. Even 80 years after the fact, the work is still rather controversial. (The Guardian)
In more cultural news, New York mag is launching a new project dedicated to exploring human connection and emotions called The Science of Us. (New York)
It turns out that Heartbleed security breach last month was just the beginning. The newly discovered Covert Redirect flaw is harder to fix and will leave you and your information more vulnerable than before. (Fast Company)
Covert Redirect isn't the only battle the Internet is facing. The more the digital space changes, the more it becomes a danger to itself, making net neutrality almost irrelevant. (Vox)
On the health front, the first case of MERS has been diagnosed in the United States. (ABC News)
In more optimistic news, after a long period of stagnation, the United States has officially experienced a strong period of job growth. (Associated Press)
And, finally, California Chrome defied his odds and won the Kentucky Derby. (The New York Times)
8things_00Photo: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

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