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How To Make A Prettier Ponytail

Learn how to make your ponytail into a statement style with this easy to follow tutorial. Simple tips to upgrade your ponytail.

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When it comes to hairstyles, ponytails really get the short end of the stick. Relegated to the gym or as the go-to hairstyle for girls that don't know what else to do with their manes when they start acting up, the humble pony doesn't get nearly the kind of attention and acclaim as its sister 'dos, braids and beachy waves.
Well, we say pshaw to this notion, pshaw we say! There's no reason ponytails can't be as chic and worthy of taking center stage. Watch as the gorgeous Dani shows you a super-simple way to upgrade your ponytail into a statement style. You just need a flat iron, some bobby pins, and this so-easy-to-follow-it's-criminal tutorial. Think you can handle that?
Ponytail Tips - How To Put Your Hair UpReleased on June 2, 2014

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