Solved: How To Seduce With Scent This Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is supposed to be a universal celebration of all things love. But, we all know what it really comes down to: getting some. We're all for that, and since one of the primary weapons in our arsenal is fragrance, let's talk about how to fell any potential love match with the power of scent.
The gals of Sous Style have garnered the collective olfactory prowess of the geniuses from 12.29 for their best tips on V-Day scent seduction. As in, how to use the magic of smells and potions on your person and around your apartment to help you land that romantic touchdown. They break down the fragrance notes of love, seduction, and, you guessed it, sex. It's a handy little video, and just in time to stop all of us from freaking out as to which candles and what perfumes and oils will help us perfect the art of next-morning bedhead.
Seriously, this post is filled with helpful tips. From how to pair lingerie and fragrance (we won't spoil it) to the perfect candle to set the mood, it's a genius video that will hopefully lead us all to the Valentine's Day Post-Coital Promised Land. Plus, we'll smell good/better than usual the next morning. Talk about a win-win. (Sous Style)

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