This Is What Happens When You Dump Beer On Your Hair

In case you hadn't heard, beer is apparently good for your hair. The malt and yeast is said to leave it strong, shiny, and bouncy (otherwise known as the trifecta of hair awesomeness). We've had many a friend/blogger/coworker regale us with tales of beer transforming their manes, so we knew the boozy rinse was the real deal.
However, we were curious if the type of brewski made a difference on your 'do. Would, say, a Guinness stout make our hair more or less shiny than the Olde English malts we may or may not have sipped in college? (Don't judge).
Obviously, in the name of science, we had to test this hypothesis out. We convinced four of our lovely coworkers to douse their heads with four different beer varietals in the office bathroom (that made for some fun conversations with HR) to see if the type of brew used made any difference. Tune in to witness the mane mayhem — it was a boozy good time!

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