Just Bead It: DIY A Dolce & Gabbana-Inspired Headband

Leave it to Dolce & Gabbana to bring the headband back for the first time since Blair Waldorf ruled the halls of Constance Billard. With the giant pearls and royally chic gems, the headpieces that graced the fall '12 runways not only looked amazing, but oh-so wearable.
As much as we hate to admit it, the end of a season often means a lull in sartorial creativity, and the easiest cure for a wardrobe woe is always a great accessory. For a quick fix to your wardrobe blues, add this dose of regal glory to a messy bun or beachy braid. Grab an old headband, follow our easy steps, and remember more is more when it comes to this daring look.
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You will need:
A thick, black, fabric headband
Two strings of faux pearls in two different sizes 
Fabric glue
Pre-set black and clear gems in two sizes
Small gold beads

Click through to see the steps!
Step 1: Cut your strands of pearls to separate the beads.
Step 2: Apply a small dot of glue to your larger pearl.
Step 3: Place the pearl on the bottom of the headband and hold for a few seconds to set.
Step 4: Alternate placing the small and large pearls on the side of the headband until you reach the quarter mark.
Step 5: Once you have covered the side of the headband with pearls, begin incorporating your gold beads and pre-set gems.
Step 6: Continue placing your materials on the headband until the entire surface is covered. Don't worry about messing it up — just cover as much of the headband as you can. More is more when it comes to D&G, after all.
Voilà! Beat that, Blair.

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