Go For The Bronze: Our Favorite Fool-Proof (Promise!) Self-Tanners

So...it's summer. We know we should get on this whole bronze-ification thing (gotta look decent in the bikini, after all), but man...such an endeavor. The exfoliation, the meticulous application, the post-tanning streak removal: It's enough to make us give up on the whole process entirely.
While there's no shame strutting your stuff with pale skin, some of us do like to add a bit of bronze to our bods before we slip into a bikini. Unfortunately, the odds of ending up with a streaky, stained, Oompa Loompa-esque look are high, especially if you're a faux-glow newbie. Sure, you know the proper steps, but how do you find the right self-tanner that will give you natural, healthy, sunkissed skin?
What if we told you that we had a whole list of fabulous products specifically designed to develop your color gradually (no precision necessary) while providing extras like hydration, sun protection, and anti-aging benefits with no added effort? These ingenious products will give you that perfect subtle-yet-toasty summer glow without making you spend an evening in the nude, scrubbing helplessly at orange streaks. Just rub these babies in and go: No one will know you took the bronzing path of least resistance.
Photo: Via Rodial

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