15 Extra-Cool Jumpsuits For An Easy Breezy Summer

Let's face it: Short shorts and mini skirts are just not happening around these parts, no matter what warm-weathered month the calendar reads. But that doesn't mean S.F. gals can't indulge in flirty summertime ensembles (even if they include a coat on top).
Our favorite option for this "summer" dressing conundrum: The extra-cute and ultra-chic jumpsuit! And, no, we're not talking about those thigh-hugging versions (leave those to the SoCal gals). Instead, we've got a bunch of ankle-skimming beauties that have lounging in Dolores Park and shopping along Hayes written all over them.
From designer versions fit for a cocktail party (we think they're an ultra-modern alternative to a frock) to comfy jersey numbers fit for hitting Ocean Beach, there are a plethora of cool iterations of this playful classic. Find your favorite right here. Then, zip or snap it up in about five seconds flat, and you're good to go. Your morning what-to-wear routine doesn't get any more easy breezy than that.

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