Say Sayonara To Productivity, Thanks To This New iPhone App

With the mega popularity of GIF-centric sites like What Should We Call Me and How Do I Put This Gently, animated files are taking 2012 by storm. Along the way, they're providing countless hours of distraction from all the things we should be doing, like, you know, our jobs and stuff.
Now, the trend has moved from the Internet to the iPhone, with the advent of an app called MyFaceWhen — developed by two D.C. locals, natch. The app lets you send personalized GIFs to your iPhone-carrying friends with little more than the touch of a button. Simply record a short video of yourself, and MyFaceWhen will convert it to a text-ready animation. Think of it like an emoticon on crack — why simply send a winky face, when you can send a GIF of yourself making the winky face?
The gang over at Mashable did a test-run of the program (complete with a fist pump), and they gave it two (animated) thumbs up. Now, if you'll excuse us, we're off to send high-fives to everyone in our phone book. (Mashable)
Photo: Via MyFaceWhen

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