The Perfect, Amped-Up Boat Shoes For Drinks At Soho Beach House

Dude, you're not heading down to Soho Beach House with those on your feet, are you? Look, first off, sneakers ain't cuttin' it in that crowd and, second, those earth-tone boat shoes you picked up for family dinners are just a bit too conservative, #dontchathink? We've been recommending colorful boat shoes on the reg for the past few seasons and we think we may have found this season's perfect pair. Sebago — who've been making yacht-friendly kicks since around the time your daddy was born — have just released their Docksides in a hot, new Spinnaker colorwave that mixes a marine blue with a nice Miami teal and a bright neon-yellow sole. Match these up with some white khakis and an oxford or polo of your choice and you're ready to hit the scene at Cecconi's or venture on down to an oceanside lounger. Thank us later.
Sebago Docksides Spinnaker, $100, available at Sebago.
Photo: Courtesy Sebago

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