3 Easy Ways To Switch Up Your Bangs

People tend to have an alternating love-hate relationship with bangs: Get them to the perfect, Jane Birkin-esque, brow-grazing length, and you're in L-O-V-E, love. But the upkeep (read: constant trimming) can be a pain, and once your fringe hits the too-long, awkward stage, your l'amour can quickly turn into a serious case of hate. (Plus, even those continually infatuated with their bangs still want to some styling options.) So, to help keep you feelin' the fringe love—and solve any bang-styling dilemmas—we teamed up with one of our favorite hairstylists, Sloane Sera, to get some expert tips and three easy styling ideas. Now that's bangin'!
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Prep Your Bangs: Now, this is something we were honestly surprised to hear: According to Sera, "A Velcro roller can be your best friend." Pre-styling your fringe with the help of an inexpensive Velcro roller will make them more manageable, fuller, and also help shrink them in length (in the case that your bangs are too long).

1. Start with damp hair and spray bangs with a thickening spray. Sera recommends Bumble and bumble's Thickening Spray.

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2. Using a hair-dryer, blow bangs back-and-forth to neutralize any cowlicks.

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3. Set with a roller. Collect your bangs into one section, pull the roller through and to the ends, and then wrap your hair around it.

4. Either wait a few minutes (finish getting ready while the roller sets), or blow-dry to speed up the process. Finish with hairspray.

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5. Remove the roller and press bangs down with your hand.

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Wing It Out:

1. Again, start by blowing your bangs back-and-forth with a hair-dryer to neutralize any cowlicks.

2. Using a round-brush, catch the ends of your bangs and twist them up so you can blow-dry the hair back away from the face. Make sure to do both sides.

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3. Spray with hairspray. Voila!

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Do The Swoop:

1. Make a side-part and pull your hair into a ponytail (or leave it down).

2. Start with damp bangs, or you can spray your bangs with a leave-in, like Bumble and bumble Prep.

3. Brush your damp bangs over to the side by combing flat along your forehead.

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4. Pin the ends up into an exaggerated flip. (Pinning your bangs will help create shape and keep your bangs angled into a swoop.)

5. Either wait a few minutes (finish getting ready), or blow-dry to speed up the drying process.

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6. Remove the bobby pins, perfect your swoop, and spray with hairspray.

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Pop A Pompadour:

1. Start by teasing your bangs: Separate bangs into horizontal sections—starting at the top—and tease to create a good base for the pompadour. Use a styling brush to tease instead of a comb so you don't create knots.

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2. Once teased, brush your bangs back to build the pompadour shape.

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3. Pull the ends of your bangs together and twist under.

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4. Secure with bobby pins and finish with hairspray. Don't worry about making your pompadour perfect; Keeping it a bit messy and airy will make it look a little rock-'n'-roll.

Photographed by Amelia Alpaugh.

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