Eye Candy! Match Your Frames To Your Face Shape With This Guide

If all of the cool new eyewear hitting the market is any indication, the geek-chic-glasses trend isn't going away any time soon. But that doesn't mean you should throw just any 'ol pair of specs on your mug. With so many face shapes out there — from ovals and hearts to squares and diamonds — there are some solid rules for picking the most flattering frames for your profile. Wanna know what they are? We recruited local glasses e-retailer Mezzmer to tell us their must-read secrets for choosing the perfect eyeglasses. Then we put the company's advice to the test on six local cuties with a variety of face shapes. The result: geek-meets-gorg! So, whether you have perfect vision or an actual need for optical assistance, you need to click through this spec-tacular guide.
Photographed by Molly DeCoudreaux