Style Stalking! 14 Rad Winter Looks From Hayes To The Haight!

While the rest of the country may be facing down chilly temps, blustery skies, and a bevy of winter-wardrobe woes, here in the city by the Bay, we have our own set of unique seasonal issues. Why, oh why, San Francisco, must you toy with our emotions with your multiple weather personality? One day it’s 70-degrees and sunny, the next it's drizzling and cold. Would you like a side of the unexpected wind with that? Sure, coming right up!
Luckily, locals are well versed in how to dress for hard-to-read weather. Want proof? We style-stalked our best-dressed 'hoods — from rainy Jackson Square to the super-fun wind tunnel that is Hayes Valley’s Proxy and the eclectic Lower Haight (hello sunshine!)—and captured 14 sharply dressed folks. Sneak a peek at our favorite weird-winter-weather looks and take your hats off (or, wait, pull them back on!) for S.F.
Photographed by Jasmine Gregory