New Wrist-Candy Your Friends Will Envy

Laura Jastram, local jewelry designer and all-around cool chick, decided to take her lifelong bracelet obsession to the next level by designing friendship bracelet-inspired designs with a bit of toughness. This brainchild is called Latch Collection, and it's available for purchase through Laura's Etsy shop (but click through for a sneak-peek). If your wrists are stacked but are still left craving a real standout, Laura's wares are what's missing. We asked Laura what inspired these mixed-material stunners: "I've always had a major obsession with jewelry and bracelets. I love layering metals, colors, and textures all the way up my wrists to create unique looks that express my personality. I've seen bracelets similar to those now in my collection. At the time I thought, 'I can do that,' which is how Latch Collection began. I have plans for new pieces this fall and winter, including expanding to necklaces, but right now I love how I can create my own original pieces to feed my bracelet addiction, and I'm so flattered that others share the same affection." Snag these handmade beauties while Laura can keep them in stock. Unless of course, you hate getting compliments or something.

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