CJ From FBoy Island May Have Spoiled The Series In A High Profile Way

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
You know how everyone on The Bachelorette claims to be there for "the right reasons?" HBO Max's FBoy Island assumes that everyone's after the opposite, until proven otherwise. The new dating show was created by former longtime Bachelor producer Elan Gale and features 12 supposed "nice guys" and 12 "FBoys" competing for cash or love with one of the series' three leading ladies. It's up to the women to try to weed out the ones just there for the money, and one of those "lucky" bachelorettes on FBoy Island is CJ Franco.
The model works as a social media influencer/content creator, has also dabbled in comedy and acting, and has a PhD in dating FBoys. “I think a lot of the FBoys are like unrenovated houses,” she told the New York Post. “Great bones, a lot going for them, but it will take a lot of money and time to fix that up.” She added that her strategy for going on the show was "expecting people to treat me nicely." (Wow, how dare she). "Anything that went away from that, I avoided," she said.
But as you're watching the new show, Franco may look really familiar. Like curiously familiar. Well, if you're the type to read celebrity gossip, you've probably seen her linked to a few famous folks. She previously garnered media attention in 2015 when she was spotted with Kate Beckinsale's ex-husband Len Wiseman in the weeks leading up to the couple's divorce. But more recently, Franco potentially spoiled the outcome of FBoy Island when she was spotted in June 2021 on what looked to be a dinner date with Broadway actor Taye Diggs. According to The Hollywood Reporter, FBoy Island taped in early 2021, months before she was seen with Diggs. The paparazzi pics of their night out came just a day after Franco joked on Instagram about marrying her body pillow in the shape of a fake man.
If people on Instagram thought she was pretending to be single to throw people off track about the FBoy Island outcome, her date with Diggs disproves that theory. She hasn't been publicly seen with him again since, though, so her quest for lasting love may still be ongoing.
Paparazzi photo spoilers or not, it wouldn't be all that surprising if Franco left Fboy Island sans-boyfriend. It's not like she went on a show called Forever Love With Men Who Are Totally Ready To Commit.

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