The Famous Faces & Voices Of Space Jam: A New Legacy

Photo: courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures.
Just like scrunches, bucket hats, and baggy jeans, another piece of nostalgia from 1996 is back in a big way. After 25 years, a Space Jam sequel is here. Space Jam: A New Legacy hit theaters and HBO Max on Friday, July 16. This time around, instead of Michael Jordan, we have LeBron James; instead of flat animation, the characters look 3D; instead of our lead falling into a golf hole that leads to outer space, the basketball player is transported into a computer world. Instead of not having a million references to Warner Bros. intellectual property, we have... well, you get it.
But, with the basic premise remaining the same, the Space Jam: A New Legacy cast includes a mix of live and voice actors just like the original. Along the way, audiences will meet all of fictional LeBron's family members, classic cartoon characters, and animated villains who are voiced by real-life pro basketball players.
Read on to find out who is lending their talents to Space Jam: A New Legacy, from movie stars and new young faces to NBA players and long-time voice actors. And if you've already watched, see if you matched up your sports stars to their characters correctly.

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