We Outside With Chloe Bailey And Yara Shahidi For ‘Grown-ish’ Season 4

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For years, fans have been following the ups and downs of Zoey Johnson and her friend group as they navigate the maze that is CalU and now Senior Year is finally here!
Season 4 starts off giving us major ‘We Outside’ vibes with the crew vacationing in Mexico. As per usual, the looks are on ten — but so is the drama. Since the beginning of the Grownish series we’ve been waiting for Zoey and Aaron to become a couple, and for those that have been #TeamAaron, we’ve finally gotten our wish. 
But as the friends start to settle in things start to crumble as unresolved problems, trust issues, and old feelings reemerge. So to get the official tea, R29Unbothered sat down with Yara Shahidi and Chloe Bailey to find out what’s to come for this season.
Maiya Carmichael: “So since day one, the girls know that Zoey has been a little shady. How do you think Zoey would develop and grow this season?” 
Yara Shahidi: “I feel like we see the culmination of all of Zoey's growth in this season, in that we have seen her make the same mistakes, try and figure out what she wants to be, whether that means that she's going to find herself in school or out in the world. And now that we've seen all of that and the ups and downs, we see her going into the season just more focused than ever, more dedicated to making whatever happens work. And also, I think most notably [is her ability to be] malleable and flexible and going with the flow after seasons of her having a master plan that continues to not go her way. I feel like throughout this season we see her understand the importance of rather than making plans, just accepting what's coming her way.
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MC: “Do you think that Aaron and Zoey are a proper representation of a typical representation of a college couple?”
YS: I mean, yes and no, I think just even watching my own peers and friends, they definitely represent the fact that in college relationships, as everything else in life aren't as straightforward as you think they'd be. And also, I feel like their relationship represents what it means to literally grow up with somebody thinking about who Zoey and Aaron were [in Zoey's] freshman year when we first met them versus who they are now. That's something that I think so many young people can attest to, of how different it is to have people in your life where they have gone through so many of the milestones with you and how that history, I think, serves, for better or for worse, to make a relationship and a bond that much stronger. 
MC: “Since you and Halle are separated on the show with her being at the Olympics, and in real life, how do you think we'll get to see Jazz as a character develop with her being by herself?”
Chloe Bailey: Wow. Well you'll definitely see Jazlyn kind of find herself and figure out who she really is without her sister, who's like always with her and her other half. And she kind of has to figure out her own journey and her own path while they are apart from each other. And so you'll definitely get to see that within this season. And I'm really proud of Jazz.”
Photo: courtesy of Freeform.
MC: “Yes! With ya’’ll being separated in real life, have you learned new things about yourself as a person?”
CB: “I'm pretty sure I can speak for the both of us, for my sister and I. Yes, because usually in the moments where I am alone in my room, I would always go to Halle's room and bother and bug her. And now it's kind of forcing me to think and say to myself, OK, what do I really like on my own? How do I feel about this? Just with my thought process. And it's really been interesting. At first, in the beginning, it was very intimidating and scary. And now I really love being with myself. Because Halle and I wouldn't have done it on our own because we're each other's best friends. But I definitely think it was something necessary so that we can find ourselves individually. And for that, I'm really grateful.”
MC: “So do you think with Jazlyn being by herself that would affect the relationship between Jazz and Doug? Do you think she'll fall back into his arms a little bit with, you know, her being without her day one?”
CB: “I know. Well, you'll just have to watch the season to find out. But what I will say is that a lot of times young women, including me, feel like we don't know what to do. And when we feel like we're idle, we kind of go back into old habits and things that are comfortable and familiar. So I don't know what Jazz does but we’ll have to find out.”
‘Grown-ish’ Senior Year airs on Thursday nights at 8PM on Freeform.

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