The Ring Of Fire Solar Eclipse Is Almost Here — & It’s Going To Change Everything

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Have you been feeling restless, full of pent-up energy, about ready to burst? Blame the moon: On June 10, a new moon "ring of fire" solar eclipse will occur in Gemini. Eclipses always have a way of urging us toward change, and this one is especially powerful. And it has a fitting name. The event is called a ring of fire eclipse, because the moon's distance from the sun means it won't completely block out the sun's rays. Instead, we'll see a fiery halo in the sky.
Eclipses have always been revered in history — but they carry negative connotations too, points out Yana Yanovich, astrologer at Nebula. "In astrology, the sun is describing our will and our rational self, while the moon is our emotions and our subconscious mind," she explains. The moon blocking the sun can be interpreted as a blockage in our own ability to think rationally or exert our willpower, she continues.
But on the positive side, new moon eclipses tend to be seen as opportunities to break out of a rut and make positive changes. The new moon can help you in a few ways, first and foremost by suddenly and dramatically opening your eyes to where you need change, says Madi Murphy, astrologer and co-founder of The Cosmic RX and The Cosmic Revolution. "These lightbulb moments may be illuminating the ideas that will connect you to your highest truth and path," she says. "It’s like the eclipse blows in a missing puzzle piece that can connect some dots you have been looking at for months — maybe it’s a chance meeting, an unexpected opportunity or new piece of information." And the realizations can keep happening for days or weeks after the eclipse.
Even so, Yanovich cautions that it's "important to understand the limitations" of the event: The eclipse won't change your life for you, since positive change always requires effort on your part. But, she says, "If you do act on it, it is indeed a good moment to change your life for the better."
We're getting a triple dose of Gemini energy during the ring of fire eclipse: The moon, the sun, and Mercury retrograde (Gemini's ruling planet!) will all be in the sign of the Twins on June 10, according to Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for "This is the time to let curiosity be our guide as we absorb and download new information that will expand our minds and prove fruitful in the future," she says. Be curious, be open, and be ready to learn something new.
The three planetary bodies will also all be conjunct one another. "This triple conjunction could very well be interpreted as a need to revisit the ways in which we communicate with ourselves, and highlighting how important our inner dialogue really is," Montúfar explains. Ramp up the self-care this week and freshen up that inner dialogue — speak affirmations into the mirror, journal out your feelings, and just work on being kinder to yourself. Even if you feel that you already have a good relationship with your inner self, working to nurture it can't hurt.
Montúfar notes that this eclipse is the continuation of the vibes we experienced during the super full moon and lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26. "That eclipse brought certain things to a culmination in the area of our charts ruled by Sagittarius," she says. "Now, this solar eclipse brings a new beginning in the opposite sign, the area of our charts ruled by Gemini." But she emphasizes that before we get the chance to start this new beginning, something will have to change, and we'll have to take action.
These three planets will also be squaring Neptune, the Planet of Illusion in Pisces — something that many astrologers have their eye on. "This will lead to us making decisions based on our fears and paranoias," Lisa Stardust, the author of Saturn Return Survival Guide and The Astrology Deck says. "Intuition is strong, but not correct. Be careful not to project energy onto others." The message here? For once, be aware that you can't trust your gut, and fact-check any major decision you make. Montúfar agrees. "Things will be confusing and a little murky, and since we won’t be able to see things clearly, it’s not advised to act impulsively around this time," she says.
There's one more thing to look out for during the new moon solar eclipse, and that's what's going on in your relationship. "Juno, the asteroid of commitment, which is currently retrograde in Sagittarius, will be sitting across from this lunation," Montúfar says. "This opposition could bring tension, as well as a deep need and yearning for freedom." This doesn't necessarily mean that you or your partner will feel compelled to end things — it could just mean that you need your own space right now, and if you allow yourself to have it, in a short while you'll come back together stronger than ever.
So a little bit of rockiness ahead — but it'll be worth it. As Murphy says, "Change isn’t always comfortable, but it is healthy. Ditch the familiar, stay grounded in your truth, and make room in your head and your heart for a new way of being." You're ready.

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