Youn Yuh-Jung Roasting Brad Pitt Is The Oscars Moment To Know

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Korean acting great Youn Yuh-jung may have won an Oscar for her performance in Minari, but the Academy might as well give her an award for her acceptance speech.
Yes, there was the part when the 73-year-old fawned over Glenn Close, and then told her fellow nominees that she doesn't believe in competition but that she just happened to be "luckier than you." And then there was the great moment when she (semi) jokingly thanked her two sons for her win. She said: “This is for my sons who made me go out and work. This is the result, because Mommy worked so hard," which had the Oscars audience in stitches.
What really had the internet buzzing, however was Youn's opening, in which she basically kindly roasted Brad Pitt, who had handed her the award. "Mr. Brad Pitt, finally, nice to meet you," she said to Pitt, who stood offstage. "Where were you while we were filming in Tulsa? It's an honor to meet you."
A lot of people assumed that Youn was simply fangirling over Pitt — and listen, maybe she kind of was (relatable). But Pitt's company, Plan B, actually produced Minari, so the actress's question is actually pretty salient. Where were you, Brad? But then she also went on to call out all the people who mispronounce her name, Pitt included. "Tonight, you are all forgiven," she said as the audience laughed.
"youn yuh-jung winning an Oscar at 73, shooting her shot with Brad Pitt, and immediately correcting his pronunciation of her name is the most inspiring 60 seconds of television I’ve ever witnessed," one Twitter user wrote.
"Yuh-Jung Yoon just flamed the fuck outta Brad Pitt!!!" wrote Slave Play writer Jeremy O. Harries on Twitter.
"Yuh-jung Youn is what I love about awards season," wrote another. "An actress who has been working forever being discovered by a new audience. Now here she is winning an Oscar, making us laugh, fangirling at Glenn Close and thirsting after Brad Pitt. Brilliant."
The rest of the internet was just as impressed.

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