Ok, Sure, But Why Wasn’t It Named “Peepsi”

Photo: Courtesy of PEPSI X PEEPS.
'Tis the season of colorful marshmallow bunnies and chocolate eggs, as spring is in the air and Easter candy in its various forms prepare their take over of grocery store shelves. This year, in a collaboration that literally no one asked for, marshmallow Peeps and Pepsi are putting out a strange new beverage that you won't actually be able to buy in stores. To make matters worse for anyone curious to try the new "Pepsi x Peeps" flavor, the two companies absolutely blew an opportunity to market their strange creation as "Peepsi." I mean, Pepsi meets Peeps — it's a no-brainer. 
The Pepsi x Peeps cola will mix the flavor of Pepsi cola with "the pillowy-soft and sweet" Peeps marshmallow flavor, making it the "ideal accessory and thirst quencher for springtime," the companies said.  
While many people online first took an opportunity to express their disgust at the marshmallow-flavored pop, many more couldn't believe that Pepsi x Peeps blew it on the branding. To be fair, mixing marshmallow and cola isn't the weirdest flavor combo for a carbonated sugary drink, and it's close enough to a cream soda. The biggest issue here really is that the companies didn't brand their beverage as "Peepsi."
"CALL IT PEEPSI YOU COWARDS," one Twitter user wrote. Another called it a "missed opportunity."
It turns out the companies did consider calling the drink Peepsi. Pepsi's Twitter account recalled a time about a month ago when Pepsi apparently brought David from Legal a "great name for the Peeps collab" that David from Legal promptly turned down.
Unfortunately, Pepsi x Peeps will not be available on store shelves and is only available to people who enter their online sweepstakes. The only way to get your hands on the beverage that should be called "Peepsi" is by posting a photo of yourself enjoying the springtime with friends on Twitter or Instagram and using the hashtag #HangingWithMyPEEPS. 
But even if you happen to win a package of the three colorful mini-cans of Peeps-flavored Pepsi, which come in bright yellow, pink, and blue, you will never know the joy of drinking Peepsi. It's one drink we didn't know we needed in this year 2021. Pour one out for Peepsi.

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